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Company profile Effebi di F. Beretta, Concesio, Italy.

The Effebi company was founded by Dr Franco Beretta, who for some years had been the sales manager for Italian gunmaker Breda. In 1975 Dr Beretta took the decision to follow the path of being self-employed and, making good use of the experience he had gained, founded his owned company.

The company was originally established under Dr Beretta’s own name but later transformed to become Effebi SNC and subsequently Effebi SRL.

The company initially concentrated its activities in the marketing of shotguns and accessories to both the Italian domestic market and internationally to several foreign countries.

The company experienced rapid growth and soon the modest warehouse facilities were outgrown and a new and elegant 1800 square meters building became home to the Effebi company.

This modern building allowed both the office facilities and production departments to be optimally integrated for maximum efficiency.

In the year 2000, Effebi took over the business of Italy’s sole specialist manufacturer of airgun pellets. Effebi now has a complete and efficient plant manufacturing air rifle and pistol pellets, in a range of calibres and pellet styles, which the company markets around the world.

Today Effebi also manufactures some high grade shotguns for hunting and target shooting in the medium to high price range; it also makes a line of top quality side-by-side shotguns manufactured using some mechanical components originally made by Breda of Rome and purchased by Effebi some years ago; these Effebi believe represent the best that can be achieved in the specialised sector.

In addition to the guns, through partnerships with other companies, Effebi can also offer a wide range of important parts for a variety of weapon types.

These include: smooth-bored barrels, rifled barrels, ribs, side-locks, rubber recoil pads, chokes.

Effebi is also able to supply stocks and forends for many of the main brands of sporting guns.

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