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A full set of tool machines is available for rib’s production.


Code 1 Over and Under 11,50´ 695 alternate vent.
Code 2 Over and Under 10,60´ 6,60 conic, alternate vent.
Code 3 Over and Under 11´ 7´ 680 conic, special vent.
Code 4 Over and Under 10´ 10´ 700 45° ventilation
Code 5 Over and Under 7´ 7´ 720 standard vent.
Code 6 Over and Under 11´ 11´ 715 ventilated
Code 7 Over and Under 10´ 7´ 700 ventilated-bridge
Code 8 12´ 600 combinato for O/U and S/S
Code 9 Side by Side 12´ 7´ 630 ventilated
Code 10 Side by Side 11´ 7´ 700 plongen
Code 11 Side by Side 11´ 7´ 700 standard
Code 12 Side by Side 7´ 5´ 700 narrow
Code 13 Small side-rib concave
Code 13A Small side-rib concave ventilated


A full set of tool machines is available for rib’s production allowing the complete working schedule.

Ribs are made as per custom drawings and samples: the profiling is made by copy-milling directly the barrel’s tube.

Two CNC tool-machines are available to carry out operations like ventilations, inside millings and additional ones. All ribs are made with super cutting steels by white annealing: this allow to proceed with further operations like welding process without any alteration in sizes and tollerances.

The following page shows some of the several models of ribs made on custom orders, they are made for minimum quantity of 200 pcs each model.

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